Watch This Man Stand For 1st Time After Being Told He'd Never Walk Again

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Watch This Man Stand For 1st Time After Being Told He'd Never Walk Again

Refusing to let himself become a statistic, this young man has worked hard for years to get where he is today!

Robert Paylor is a quadriplegic on a journey to walk again and inspire others along the way.

Back in 2017, Rob was competing at the finals in the Collegiate Rugby National Championship. “This is kind of the big time in American rugby," he said at the time. "I felt this crunch in my neck. And then it was just poof everywhere on my body below my neck, I could not feel it. I could not move it. It’s that feeling when you wake up and your arm’s just totally gone asleep because it was hanging over the couch or something? It was that but everywhere and worse. I mean, I’m just lying there and I’m screaming."

Robert Paylor broke his neck and life would never be the same for him. Immediately, he was told he would never walk or move his hands again. He also needed emergency spinal fusion surgery. Robert didn’t accept that reality. He may have lost a lot but he was alive and his catastrophic injury didn't have to define him. "I was immediately very determined that I wasn’t going to accept this as my permanent reality."

Rob spent the next three years working hard towards his goal. He wants to walk again.

"I’ve had multiple medical professionals tell me that research shows the optimal recovery period for an injury like mine is 3 years. After that, I shouldn’t expect to see any progress. I refuse to let this happen. I REFUSE TO BE A STATISTIC. If I’ve learned anything these past three years, it’s that unrelenting work and an unbreakable will can achieve anything. I look forward to continuing to redefine what’s possible."

On September 7, 2020, Rob proved all his doubters wrong.

"I stood up out of my wheelchair on my own for the first time today! It took me 1,220 days to achieve this goal, and it was worth every second. No better way to celebrate Labor Day!"

Watch Rob in the video he shared online as he stands up out of his wheelchair for the first time! Your hard work continues to pay off Rob, and you are a true champion each and every day.

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