Watch Simone Biles Throw The Best World Series First Pitch Ever

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Watch Simone Biles Throw The Best World Series First Pitch Ever

This girl is a national treasure.

Houston native and U.S. Olympian Simone Biles tossed the ceremonial first pitch and it was as epic as you might imagine.

In case you don't know Simone Biles is quite the all star and her career highlights include: 

  • Olympic Gold medalist in vault, floor, Individual and Team all-around, Bronze medalist on Beam at 2016 Rio Olympics
  • Won the all-around by a 2.1 margin of victory, larger than the margins of victory from 1980-2012 combined
  • First woman gymnast to win three consecutive World all-around titles
  • Most World Championship gold medals won by a female gymnast in history (10)

Simone was invited by the Astros to throw the ceremonial first pitch before Wednesday's Game 2 of the World Series against the Washington Nationals at Minute Maid Park. She entered the field in a spectacular fashion, befitting of one so acrobatic. 

Before throwing a strike, Biles did a standing backflip and made it look easy.

I knew she wasn't tall but standing next to that catcher (and they're not usually tall either), she looks so tiny! That's a whole lot of power in a small package!

She is simply the GOAT. Unfirtunately, the Astros crashed to a 12-3 defeat as they fell to 0-2 in the World Series.

PS: This isn't the first time she has done this either. Here's a clip from 2016.

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