UPS Worker Honors Doormat Request To 'Hide Packages'

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UPS Worker Honors Doormat Request To 'Hide Packages'

This delivery driver certainly follows directions!

I think more than a few of us can relate when it comes to Ebony Freeman's door mat. If you are ordering packages from Amazon, on the regular, their is bound to be a few household discussions that come up. 

Ebony got a new doormat from a friend (who must have known she had Amazon Prime) which has specific instructions.

“Please hide packages from husband,” the rug reads.

The rug was made by Crafty Indy Gal and you can order one should you know anyone who needs it!

What Ebony never expected was that the delivery person would comply!

"I instantly laughed and the first thing I did was send [a picture] to Amanda before posting it on Facebook," Freeman told "Good Morning America."

"I had no clue it was going to get that much traction."

The rug has since made national news, much to Ebony's delight.

Freeman also told "GMA" that her husband Mike doesn't "really" get upset about her online shopping.

She already has her Holiday inspired rug - it plays "Here Comes Amazon" to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus."

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