Tricky Halloween Brain Teaser Takes Most People 2 Minutes And 37 Seconds

Tricky Halloween Brain Teaser Takes Most People 2 Minutes And 37 Seconds

Look closely at the spooktacular image and see if you can spot him in a speedy time.

Did you know that solving logic problems boosts your brain power, keeps your memory strong, and doing them dates back to the times of greek philosophers?

Those riddles weren't as much fun as the ones we do now. They looked something like this:

Q: If three hens lay three eggs in three days, how many eggs does a (statistical) hen lay in one day?

A1: One third. (Note: 3 hens = 3 eggs / 3 days → 3 hens = (3 / 3) (eggs / days) → 1 hen = (1 / 3) (egg / days))

A2: Zero or one (it's hard to lay a third of an egg).

Not that much fun, but if you added some catchy graphics I'm sure you could start a Facebook comment war about the answer.

Well, with Halloween just around the corner our friends at Cottages & Castles have put together a dead tricky brainteaser to help get everyone in the mood.

This haunted house is full of ghosts and ghouls, but some are eviler than others – they can’t all be like Casper we suppose! Can you spot the evil ghost amongst them?

Set a timer and get competitive, after all, it’s taking people 2 minutes and 37 seconds on average to find the evil ghoul – how long does it take you?

Click to see the image in full-size

For those of you who want to cheat, or maybe I should say confirm that they found the right answer, I will put the reveal image below.

So you can't see the answer I'll put another riddle in between the image above and the reveal image which can be found below.


If you're struggling to find the evil ghost, keep scrolling to see where it's hiding!

Cottages & Castles have also written a guide to the haunted castles of Scotland which offers some great insight into the history of each castle and who haunts their very walls now. Have a spooktacular Halloween come the 31st!

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Cottages & Castles said, “Everyone loves a brainteaser and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for some spooky fun. Some of us at Cottages & Castles HQ have found the ghost in seconds, while others have been squinting at the screen for as many as 4 minutes!”.

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