Top Tier Pornhub Star Discovered Living In The Underground Tunnels Of Las Vegas

Top Tier Pornhub Star Discovered Living In The Underground Tunnels Of Las Vegas

While her situation is not ideal, it appears as though she is happy.

Jenni Lee was born Stephanie Sadorra on February 11, 1982, in Clarksville, Tennessee.

By the time she was 19, Jenni was a successful mainstream model for one of the top modeling agencies in Tennessee. She's of mixed Irish, German, and Puerto Rican descent.


Things took a turn in her life when she moved to Las Vegas, in February of 2012, where she became a stripper and later entered the adult film industry.

She gained a lot of notoriety and is still ranked among the best adult entertainment actresses in the world today. Following a successful run in adult film where she even won the "AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene", Lee announced she was retiring from the adult film industry in 2009 to grow a career as a professional model.


Not much was heard from her after that. That is until July 2019, when Lee was discovered homeless and living in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas, NV.

Sadly, Lee or Sadorra as she is again known is barely recognizable now. Hew whereabouts were uncovered by Ewout Genemans who makes a 40-minute documentary-reality starring himself on Dutch channel RTL 5. There is a network of sewage tunnels underneath the Las Vega strip that houses thousands of homeless people, who call themselves the "Mole People". Sadorra was living among them and spoke with him on camera.

"I actually got very famous. Maybe a little too famous," she said in the documentary that aired on RTL 5 .

"I should still be in the top 100 on some list somewhere. I used to be so hot."

Sadorra is 36 now and even though there is no running water in the tunnels, she likes the close-knit community and says she is happy and has everything she needs. "People are more accepting here," she said. She does not want to leave. "People are adaptive creatures and you get used to what gets put on your plate," she said. "It just takes time."


Mike South, runs an industry blog known as the premier destination for adult industry news since 1998. They published an update on Sadorra aka Lee following several GoFundMe campaigns that sprung up after the video went viral. It is alleged that a well-known friend from within the industry found Sadorra when they went to check on her safety and well being. This is what she was told:

"She is no longer in the tunnels, but living under a bridge, has a street boyfriend for companionship and safety, and unfortunately on a regular mix of drugs. She was offered assistance in the form of relocation into a private home, getting her IDs, enrolling into CalFresh and Medi-Cal, and counseling for both drugs and support therapy.
It is unfortunate but she declined the offer, as we refused to also take in the boyfriend. We have been in touch with a young relative of hers, as well as the Dutch producers (look up Fremantle – they are behind it), Help of Southern Nevada and Search A Light.

From the one hour face to face, we concluded that she is on the edge wanting the change, but is unwilling to let go of the boyfriend. While we are not doctors, we do believe she can recover, if she gets treatment now. The drugs are taking a heavy toll on her mentally and physically."


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