Tips From A Penguin: How To Avoid Falling On Ice

Tips From A Penguin: How To Avoid Falling On Ice

It's winter out there for a lot of us. Know what that means? It's slippery.

According to data from the National Safety Council, 25,000 slip, trip and fall accidents occur daily in the US. As you might expect, most snow and ice-related slips and falls happen outside. How can we keep ourselves safe you ask? Simple: Walk like a penguin.


The majority of skips happen in parking lots, roadways, driveways and walkways when you on foot.

The Penguin walk is a helpful reminder on how we can walk on ice and avoid falling.

Here are some tips to remember, straight from the penguins beak:

  • Keep your weight forward and on your front foot
  • Keep your arms out by your side to help you balance
  • Walk flat footed and take short shuffling steps
  • Wear footwear that provides traction
  • Step down, not out from curbs
  • Keeps your knees slightly bent
  • Walk on snow or grass if possible

Practically all injuries from slips and falls on snow and ice fall under the classification of “traumatic injuries.” These injuries range from minor bruises, cuts and abrasions to serious bone fractures, spinal cord damage and concussions.


According to the National Safety Council falls are the #1 cause of death for older adults, so be careful out there!

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