This Woman Earns $40,000 Yearly Working As A Professional Cuddler

This Woman Earns $40,000 Yearly Working As A Professional Cuddler

Do you need a safe space to explore intimate connection in a platonic environment?

Robin Marie is not your average woman. She has a lot of love to give.

With so many people feeling touch-deprived, isolated, and lonely, Marie turned her focus where it was needed. She launched a career as a professional cuddler.

A cuddling session apparently has many benefits. A session can:

● Improve immunity
● Enhance mood
● Serve as an energetic elixir for all patients, especially those with chronic medical conditions
● Build self-esteem
● Increase trust and self-reliance
● Decrease anxiety and depression


On her website, Marie explains that "In sessions, I provide meaningful touch, connection, and a non-judgmental presence. You can look forward to a professional, comfortable, confidential cuddling experience. Whether it’s cuddling, back scratches, watching a movie and snuggling up on the couch, or having dinner together, your sessions can be tailored to meet your needs. Additionally, I can join you for outings (dinner, movies, concerts, etc.) if you're interested in having a cuddle-friendly companion along for your fun activity!"

Making it very clear that the service she provides is non-sexual, Marie has disclosed that her salary is quite lucrative.


How much can one make annually as a 'cuddlist? Marie, who's touch is alleged to have a powerful and healing influence on people , brings in about $40,000 annually.

Marie became a cuddlist several years ago after realizing that she herself was touch-deprived.

“I really believe in the power of touch and how it can heal people,” Marie said to FOX 4 . “It can be as simple as me sitting on the couch just sitting next to someone. It can be holding hands with someone all the way to we’re laying horizontal on the bed and we are spooning.”

Marie received her training from cuddlist , a site dedicated to this profession. Their training program teaches potential cuddlers everything they need to know about conducting safe, comfortable cuddling sessions for clients. The training is entirely online and is a requirement to become a Cuddlist. The price is to take the training course is $149.00.


With the pandemic creating some work barriers, Certified Cuddlists have found a way to adapt. "Although we are practicing social distancing right now, we can still practice connection," writes one cuddlist in the new 'Exclusively Virtual' section of their website. "Do you need a safe space to explore intimate connections in a platonic environment? Are you lonely? Would you like to experience connecting to another person in a non-judgmental, no-pressure setting? Do you need to practice speaking up for what you need?"

Marie now has about 30 clients, ranging in age from 20-75 years old, and she charges $80 an hour.

Marie admits therapeutic touch may not be for everyone, but she thinks – with time – it won’t be as unconventional as it’s presently considered.

“It’s not going to be that long, maybe another 10 years or so, where it will be, ‘Oh yeah, that person’s a cuddler,’ like you say ‘That person’s a massage therapist,’ and I really look forward to that.”

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