These Cozy, Colorful Campers Can Be Towed By Almost Any Car

These Cozy, Colorful Campers Can Be Towed By Almost Any Car

For families looking to explore our country in style, or couples looking for an affordable way to vacation year-round, camper trailers are a classic solution.

But towing a huge trailer - or a tiny home - isn't always convenient. That's why the Meerkat, a new lightweight mini trailer with room for two, stands out from other campers.


Little Guy trailers, the brand behind the Meerkat, make a variety of pint-sized campers that trade room to stretch out for ease to tow your mobile home from place to place.

The Meerkat's website boasts that the 900-pound trailer is light enough to be towed by just about any car (or even pushed into place by hand) and fits inside a standard garage.


Inside, the wrap-around couch folds out to make sleeping space for two, while hidden features like a hanging closet, porta potty, sink, and icebox help you travel comfortably.




While the trailer has a small footprint, there are sizeable windows on each side and a collapsible roof canopy, so you can enjoy the view wherever your park your Meerkat. Or, when the weather is nice, you can relax in the shade of the pull-out awning.


If you're interested in the Meerkat, prices start at $17,820 for this trendy little trailer, and there are other models to browse - including teardrop trailers and solo sleepers - on Little Guy's website.


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