There Is A Snow Leopard Camouflaged In This Image And People Can't Find It

There Is A Snow Leopard Camouflaged In This Image And People Can't Find It

Bobby-Jo Vial is a photographer from Dubbo, west of Sydney, in Australia.

Vial has been a photographer since the age of five, when she snuck her parent’s disposable camera to take random photographs of her childhood home and surroundings.

A trip to Africa later in life changed the life of the Aussie. She found herself mesmerized by the landscape, people and its wildlife. This is when Vial became serious about wildlife photography. Subsequently she has spent the past 15 years working with the most amazing animals and people, and her career has cetainly provided some wonderful photographic opportunities.


She managed to capture some pretty amazing shots on her adventure!


One shot in particular has left people scratching their heads. Can you spot the Snow Leopard in this image? They have the most incredible camouflage!


Vial was lucky enough to spend three days with a very old male male snow leopard.

'He was really obvious when walking against the snow but as soon as he moved in front of rocks he would completely disappear! It was amazing and also frustrating.


Sadly, Vial later shared news on Facebook that the old snow leopard had died.

"The old snow leopard that Duma Safaris guests and I photographed last week has fallen to his death whilst attempting to hunt ibex. I can’t believe it 😢 I feel incredibly sad to hear this news but also feel so privileged and fortunate to have spent time with this amazing animal in his last few weeks of life.
The old boy was predicted to be in his mid teens which is a very successful age for a snow leopard."


A harsh life lived well. I'm so glad Bobby-Jo had the honor of being with him.


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