The Dancers Hit The Floor, And Then Got Every Heart Pumping

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The Dancers Hit The Floor, And Then Got Every Heart Pumping

I've never seen so many coordinated dancers in one room!

Growing up, I had two left feet. I tried almost every sport and activity, but my skill level was never up to par. 

The most heartbreaking failure was dance, as I always dreamed of becoming a graceful ballerina, despite being unable to master the basic steps. That's why when I see any genre of dance I can't help but to be in awe of their sheer talent. 

So it's without question I was amazed to see a group of dancers perform an invigorating high kick routine at their high school. 

For those unaware, this type of dance requires flexibility, strength and technique. It's a high-energy routine that musters every ounce of stamina a person has.

While all shows are superb, this choreography was nothing short of amazing, as the team wore matching bodysuits and blended in as one.

The dancers are from Texas's Carroll High School and are named the very fitting Emerald Belles.

They performed to a remix of the song "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics, and was no doubt the talk of the town. The three-and-a-half dance performance was visually impeccable and everyone was completely in sync.

In the routine, the dancers become malleable to the shapes of triangles and squares. They perform remarkable leg extensions while still in the kick line, which is perfected even when they divide themselves in three subgroups.

I've known plenty of dancers growing up, and some who have taken the sport to the professional level, but I've never seen such a large group perform so well!

You might also remember them from America's Got Talent where 63 of them kicked it into high gear with another amazing performance!

I think these girls should be hired for a new NFL/NBA dance team

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