The Black Christmas Tree Trend Has Taken Over And It's Pretty Awesome

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The Black Christmas Tree Trend Has Taken Over And It's Pretty Awesome

It sounds a bit crazy but it looks really cool, I promise!

Every family has their own traditions when it comes to the holidays. If your family celebrates Christmas, chances are you have a definitive process when it comes to your tree.

Whether you go out to pick up a real one or set up your fake one that has been around for years, it seems as though everyone makes a big deal about the Christmas tree.

Some people have decided to turn those Christmas tree traditions and switch them up a bit, trying something a little bit unusual.

While a lot of people have seen fake trees that have fake white snow on them, this year's unexpected trend is to actually get a black Christmas tree instead.

That's right, instead of the usual green pine or spruce, people are going for a much more dramatic look and getting black trees.

Honestly, as crazy as that sounds, they actually look pretty incredible. It gives this dark and elegant backdrop to all of your pretty decorations, and they look like something out of a movie set.

Lat year everyone keept pointing out the fact that Melania Trump set up red Christmas trees, but it's not like there are any rules that say your tree has to be green.

The black trees certainly have a uniqueness to them, and even though the trend has picked up, it still feels new and exciting.

To be honest, once you have your decorations and lights up, it's almost hard to tell that the tree is black instead of a dark green.

I would definitely consider getting a black tree for my own home. They look so beautiful.

Would you ever consider having a black Christmas tree?

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