Star Of Discovery Show 'Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine' Jesse Goins Has Died

Star Of Discovery Show 'Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine' Jesse Goins Has Died

Goins was discovered unconscious by another crew member and later pronounced dead.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine is a spin-off series of Gold Rush. The show follows fan-favorite Dave, who formerly worked for the Hoffman crew, in a spectacular return to gold mining. The series debuted in March 2019, centering on a placer mine along Lynx Creek near Prescott Valley, Arizona. Season two debuted in 2020, running from February to April, with eight episodes centering on a placer mine in Birdseye, near Marysville, Montana.


Jesse Goins appeared in the most recent season. On August 18, 2020, he was on set for “Gold Rush” in Colorado, when he was discovered unconscious by another crew member. He was then rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. His exact cause of death has yet to be established.


His brother Larry took to Facebook to share the news.

"Heaven will never be the same!! My brother Jesse went home to be with his Father, Lord, and Savior.  He will be missed dearly. Love you brother"

"Jesse loved his Gold Rush family. I could never find the words to express how grateful to Dave Turin and the guys for the love they showed him. And for sharing and making sure the Lord and the Gospel was a big part of his daily life. He was in such a good place because of this. Love you guys"


Nathan Clarke, who was also on the show, shared about the loss of Goins and said:

"I'm truly lost for words right now. We lost the man that I trusted with my future and my kid's future. Jesse Goins was the kindest soul you could ever have met. Jesse would give up his meal for the man next to him that was not as hungry. He was that man... He was the funniest man in times of need. Jesse kept #TeamTurin going always. The world needs people like Jesse. I know his in heaven running double lines of gold down that table that overflows his cups. He was so fun to take pictures of. I have hugged, laughed, and cried with Jesse. He was a friend and brother to me. I called him my little leprechaun because he always gets that gold so clean. I love you always Jesse!"


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