Sheriff Posts Controversial Video Message In Front Of 'Nuisance House'

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Sheriff Posts Controversial Video Message In Front Of 'Nuisance House'

“The people in this house are using drugs, selling drugs and stealing other people’s stuff to finance their crime. This needs to stop," said the Sheriff in the live video.

There's usually a problem home in every neighborhood around the globe. You know the one, it always has visitors coming and going, the police are always there, loud parties on weekdays.

In Brevard County, Florida, deputies have had enough. There is one particular Port St. John home that they are absolutely sick of. According to Sheriff Wayne Ivey, police have been there almost 100 times in the past year for disturbances, theft and drug-related calls.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey has been a Law Enforcement Officer for over three decades. Sheriff Ivey is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

BCSO Florida
BCSO Florida

Yesterday, on Monday May 18, 2020, lines were drawn in the sand. Sheriff Wayne Ivey and his deputies have had enough. They drove down to the Delespine home in a show of force and issued a warning via Facebook live on the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida (Official) Facebook page.

Standing in front of the offending home, Sheriff Ivey didn't hold back. Hey said the spoke of how his office has had to respond to calls for drugs, overdoses, fights, stolen vehicles, needles being thrown into neighbors’ yards and 31 other disturbances.

“This house, and the overwhelmingly majority living in it, are a constant disruption and pain in the butt to their neighbors, the children in this area and the taxpayers’ dollars.”

“Just yesterday we arrested two scumbags who had just left this house who were both violate felons, one of which had actually broken into a house through a doggie door where a 10-year-old was sitting in the house playing,” Ivey said.

People who live on the street are scared, they don't let their children play outside out of fear for their safety. But that's going to stop. Sheriff Ivey has made this personal and put the home on his HIT list. That's a high-intensity target list in case you didn't know.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This kind of action by a Sheriff's Office is unprecedented, as far as I know.

“Congratulations, you are now on the sheriff’s office hit list,” Ivey said.

“If you are thinking about visiting this house, you may want to rethink your visit. There is a relative high frequency you will become a target of our agency,” said Sheriff Ivey.

You can watch his full video below. In a short 19 hours, the video has been viewed more than 8 million times. Comments are largely positive with most people happy to see "a lawman that is not afraid of doing his job".

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