Sex Trafficking Victim Commits Suicide At 15 After Being Rescued

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Sex Trafficking Victim Commits Suicide At 15 After Being Rescued

May her young soul rest peacefully.

Leticia “Letty” Serrano, was a former student at Marshall Middle School in Houston. She was kidnapped near her school grounds and sold to human traffickers in 2017 when she was just 13 years old.

Letty’s father, Mariano Serrano has been active in speaking out about the incident. His then 15-year-old daughter, Letty, took own her life after she had been rescued from a sex traficking ring. She celebrated her quinceañera in May 2019. As he planned her funeral, her family began to seek justice.

Letty's father believes that she couldn't get over being away from the man who trafficked her when she was 13-year-old.

“She wanted to be with him,” he told FOX26 . “But, she also didn’t want to hurt her family.”

The family added that after her abduction, she ran away from home twice to be with him. They believe the trafficker worked with at least three other men to move her around and drug her.

We got her back damaged,’ Letty’s grandmother said.

‘When we got her back she was already broken and addicted at that point. The road to recovery was and is one of the hardest things for any child to overcome,’ Rivera added.

Cynthia Rivera, Letty's godmother, took to Facebook , hoping to spread awareness about Letty's story and raise funds to cover the cost of the girl's funeral.
I want to share the story of Letty Serrano a student from Northside High and former student of Marshall Middle school . This beautiful young lady took her own life Saturday morning and her family is needing help with recovering from their loss. I am reaching out to you to help this family . I shut down the other Go Fund me by Mistake .We raised 1671.00 but still need to raise more . Letty was abducted in 2017 through a man who drugged her and trafficked her .With the help of the community I was able to get her back and the animal was arressted only to be let go in 3 days on drug charges only ! When we got her back the damage was already done and the road to recovery is one of the hardest things for any child to overcome without the right help .Three days later the man was seen with another 13 yr old . Nothing was ever done with him or those drug houses by the bayou that I reported should be torn down .I ask you to help us at the time no news media ,no politians , NO JUSTICE !!!!! I am asking you reach into your hearts and pockets for this ffamily in such a horrible time of need . We as a communtiy and the system failed her once lets not do it again . I am representing the family and any interviews please contact me . I will ber her voice and I need you to be her voice now also . It is with a heavy heart that i speak to you .

Thank You
Cynthia Rivera

If you or a loved one is having suicidal thoughts, contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline  at 1-800-273-8255

If you are a victim of human trafficking or suspect someone who now is a victim, contact the Human Trafficking Hotline  at 1-888-373-7888.

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