Ritz Dips Their Toe In Desserts Making A Peanut Butter Cracker Ice Cream

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Ritz Dips Their Toe In Desserts Making A Peanut Butter Cracker Ice Cream

Serve me up a scoop of this delicious creamy, sweet, and salty goodness!

Coolhaus is known for making awesome ice cream. They combined a concept that I have never heard of called Farchitecture (Food + Architecture) using food to spark interest in architecture. I don't really get it, but they have some interesting flavors.

With flavor combos like Milkshake and Fries and Street Cart Churro Dough, it's no wonder that called Coolhaus has been called the "ice cream brand for every craving imaginable".


In a brand new collaboration, the woman led ice cream company has teamed up with one of my favorite purveyors of crackers to offer us the ultimate sweet and salty combination.

Starting September 9, Ritz is teaming up with Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream to give us Crackers & Cream, a rich, peanut butter ice cream base shot through with a crispy Ritz Cracker swirl.

This flavor combination is truly tried-and-tested and serves up a generous dose of nostalgia for grown-ups. Who doesn't remember peanut butter slathered onto a buttery crisp and salty Ritz cracker as a childhood snack? Also as a snack, I may or may not have had yesterday.

You will be able to order Crackers & Cream online as of September 9, it's limited edition.

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