Police Release Footage Of 93 Year-Old Gunman Shooting His Apartment Manager

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Police Release Footage Of 93 Year-Old Gunman Shooting His Apartment Manager

The chilling attack was caught on surveillance cameras.

Robert Thomas is 93 years old and lives in Las Vegas.

He became enraged and blamed the management when his Las Vegas apartment flooded. What he did next left me quite astonished, but I suppose nothing should shock us these days.

Arming himself with a 9mm handgun, he went down to the leasing office of Vista Del Valle apartments at around 9.15am, on January 2. After very few words he began brandishing the weapon at terrified workers.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

The fast acting female employee made the call to 911, and while she was still on the phone, the police dispatcher could hear Mr. Thomas firing at a computer screen and making threats. It was at this point Mr. Thomas began shooting the defenseless maintenance manager twice in cold blood.

Officer Ronald Hornyak, who has been with LVMPD since August 2004, was the first to arrive on scene with his partner.

The officers fired one round at Mr. Thomas, grazing his clothing. He dropped his weapon after being ordered by police.

The maintenance worker was taken to University Medical Center for multiple gunshot wounds, according to LVMPD. He is expected to survive his injuries.

Here is the CCTV footage of the shooting:


You can view the complete media briefing here.


According to Fox5, during his court appearance on Jan. 3, Mr. Thomas was in a wheelchair and required assistance from a bailiff to put on headphones to hear the judge.

His attorneys argued that, based on Thomas' age, he should be allowed to go home. However, prosecutors said Thomas should remain in jail.

One of the lawyers argued that Thomas claimed, after being detained by police, that he would shoot the maintenance worker again, and that Thomas' intent was to cause harm.


"I didn't want to hurt the guy," Thomas said during his court appearance. "I just wanted to screw him over a little."

Robert Thomas faces charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, burglary with a deadly weapon, discharging a gun in a structure and carrying a concealed weapon.

A Las Vegas judge set Thomas' bail at $25,000.

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