People Can't Stop Watching This Adorable Christmas Commercial

People Can't Stop Watching This Adorable Christmas Commercial

Now that more people than ever are using ad-free streaming services to watch their favorite shows, sitting through even short ads can start to become very annoying.

For the most part, I don't miss commercials at all. But when Christmas comes around, and I start to miss all of the old holiday ads from my childhood, I'll admit I warm up to them.

It also helps that so many businesses use Christmas as an opportunity to make sweet, heartwarming commercials that are more like short films.

This ad, from French telecom company Bouygues, has been going viral since it was released for just that reason.

I think Bouygues Telecom knocked it out of the park, and based on the hundreds of happy comments on the video, I'm not the only one.

The ad has a lot of great things going for it, including dad dancing, a twist ending, and a catchy song (Redbone's 1974 hit "Come and Get Your Love").
It tells the story of a father and son through the years, and... well, I'll let you discover the commercial for yourself.

But don't be surprised if you feel the waterworks starting in the last scene!


Are you in love? Here's how the video's fans, including plenty of painfully awkward parents, reacted to it:

"I'm a dancing mom and my teenaged son gives me the same look as the son in the coffee shop," one wrote. "Love this so much"

"I want this as my ringtone," another said about the song.

"Seen it so many times but my heart smiles every time."

What did you think of the ad?

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