Owen Wilson Pays $25k A Month For A Baby Daughter He's Never Met

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Owen Wilson Pays $25k A Month For A Baby Daughter He's Never Met

Apparently he's an absent parent and is 'not involved at all' with his child.

You might know Owen Wilson for his leading roles in Shanghai Nights, Marley and Me, Zoolander, or the voice of Lightning McQueen from the Cars movies.

What you may not have known about him as that the famous actor has a daughter that he's never met, and wants nothing to do with. Many people will not be watching Owen Wilson films anytime soon, especially if he plays a doting dad. Allegedly, Wilson changed his phone number to avoid calls when the expectant mother informed him about the pregnancy.

It was recently revealed that the actor pays $25,000 a month to support the upkeep of the daughter he's never met.

George Biard / CC BY-SA
George Biard / CC BY-SA

According to court documents viewed by Radar , the actor demanded a DNA test upon learning ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates was pregnant. Vongsvirates filed a paternity petition on May 30, 2018, before she gave birth to a little girl.

Varunie and Owen had casually dated for five years before calling it quits. Owen underwent a paternity test last year which confirmed he was the father. Asked if she had a message for her ex, Varunie told the Daily Mail : 'You should see your daughter, she's incredible, you're really missing out. She looks just like you.'

It is said that the 50-year-old actor’s efforts to avoid meeting Lyla are more extreme than anyone knows. Owen Wilson's ex Varunie Vongsvirates begs him to get involved in one-year-old Lyla's life.

He reportedly 'checked the no visitation box' in court. "He does not want to visit [and does not] want any custody of her.”

The source added that Wilson “has not contacted Varunie at all” after she gave birth nor during her pregnancy, despite the fact that they “dated for almost five years.” However, the source claims that Wilson “knew all along that Varunie was pregnant. Owen was told when Varunie was four weeks pregnant” when they got home from Hawaii. A representative for Wilson tells Us:

“This is a private matter and it’s not appropriate to comment further.”
Varunie / Instagram
Varunie / Instagram

Varunie has shared images of her little one to social media, boasting that Layla has bright blonde and baby blue eyes much like her dad.

Owen already has two sons Robert Ford, and Finn. By all accounts, he is a doting father to both of them.

What do you think? Maybe one day he will look back and regret his choices, but it will be too late then.

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