Oregon Hunter Gored To Death By Elk He Shot the Day Before

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Oregon Hunter Gored To Death By Elk He Shot the Day Before

A 66-year-old hunter shot and injured a 5x5 bull elk, he was unable to find him in the dark and returned the following day.

66-year-old Mark David, of Hillsboro, died the weekend of August 29. A hunting trip turned deadly after an unlucky encounter with an elk.

David, who was hunting on private land outside of Tillamook, managed to shoot and wound a 5x5 bull elk, but as it became dark, he was unable to locate the animal.

A 5x5 bull elk would have 5 points on each side and each point would be 3 inches in size each. Elk is related to deer the deer family but they are much larger in size. A bull (male) elk's antlers can reach up to 4 feet above its head so that the animal could tower at 9 feet tall. Elk can weigh from 500-700 pounds. During the autumn rut, bull elk become very unpredictable and easily agitated. They often attack by kicking and stomping and when they do, it's very dangerous.

Below is a video that demonstrates what an elk bull attack would be like.


According to an alert made by Oregon State Police, David and the landowner attempted to find the wounded bull on the morning of Sunday, August 30, 2020.

David located the bull and attempted to kill it with his bow.  However, the elk charged David and gored him in the neck with its antlers. 

The landowner attempted to help David but he sustained fatal injuries and died.

The elk was killed and the meat was donated to the Tillamook County Jail following the investigation.

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