'Nostril Hair Extensions' Are A Bizarre Beauty Craze And I'm Not Kidding

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'Nostril Hair Extensions' Are A Bizarre Beauty Craze And I'm Not Kidding

Beauty trends come and go, but nostril hair is forever.

Beauty trends are nothing new. We live in an evolving world and just like political and climate changes happen, so do beauty and fashion trends.

The 1960s came with what was known as the Bombshell Fringe, made iconic by the iconic Brigitte Bardot. The 70s showed us sleek long hair similar to Cher. I remember when girls would use an actual iron on their hair in an attempt to 'get the look'.

The 90s brought us grunge, low rise jeans, highlights, and matte brown lips. I almost forgot the white eyeliner.


Some things are best left in the past.

Lately, it seems like trends have been getting weirder and weirder. First, there were squiggly eyebrows:


Then we had squiggly lips:


What's next you ask? Well, nostril hair extensions of course:


All those years plucking your nostrils hair was wasted my friends because this is coming in hot.

Instagram models have decided that the latest thing they want to embrace and enhance is their nostril hair.


They are adding extensions to their nose to make it look as though their nostril hairs dangle down and out of their noses.


It's easy enough to do. You literally put fake eyelashes on your nostril. The real question is WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?

Instagram user gret_chen_chen has been credited as the lady who started this fad and apparently she did it AS A JOKE, but it has taken off.

What will be next? Curly Eyelashes. Don’t you just love them?!?


Wake me up when 2020 is over, ok?

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