Mystery Grandma Knits 75 Hats For Kids In Need

Mystery Grandma Knits 75 Hats For Kids In Need

An elderly woman who surely loves to knit has taken it upon herself to keep kids warm this winter. 

The 87-year-old woman, who prefers to stay anonymous, has knitted 75 hats for kids. She does not want any recognition for this selfless act. She left them at her local park for anyone who needs one to take. 

In my opinion, the world needs more people in it like this angel!

“I like doing them. I think it’s fun." She told Boston 25 News, "I just like to stay in the background. Just because it makes me feel good that I can do something for someone.”

It takes her a full day to make just one hat and has been hard at work for months before the holidays. 

Her daughter helped her by hanging all the hats in ziplic bags in a park near her house. After only a few days, there are only four hats left. She hopes they went to kids that need them - it's freezing during winter in Plymouth MA. 

This knitting ninja also donates hats to the local homeless shelter. She is hoping to see someone wearing one of her hats this winter! 


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