Murder Charges Filed In Case Of Khyler Edman Who Died Protecting His 5-Year-Old Sister

Murder Charges Filed In Case Of Khyler Edman Who Died Protecting His 5-Year-Old Sister

A Florida man has been charged with murder in the death of 15-year-old Khyler Edman.

Khyler has been hailed a hero. The 15-year-old died while trying to save his sister. The 5-year-old girl survived the break in burglary without any injuries. Other than witnessing the death of her brother, who had a physical struggle with the intruder. 

“A violent encounter had ensued, and the teenager succumbed to [his] injuries,” Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell said at a news conference. “This has been a very tough scene to deal with. It was a senseless crime.”


Edman was a 10th grade student at Charlotte County High School. A spokesperson from Charlotte County Public Schools says he was a good student and was well liked by his classmates.

He was taking honors classes and “was the kind of kid that anyone would be proud to call their son.”


The burglar was later identified as 27-year-old Ryan Cole. "The suspect broke into this residence and a violent encounter ensued where we believe the teenager was trying to protect the home and protect his younger sibling," Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell told WPTV. Cole received multiple stab wounds during the fight and eventually fled the scene. He was later caught and identified while trying to break into a different home, police said.


“Our Major Crimes Detectives are continuing to work with the State Attorney’s Office on the investigation into suspect Ryan Cole’s involvement in the death of Khyler Edman. Ryan Cole is currently in custody at the Charlotte County Jail on other charges related to his actions that evening and does not have a bond. As he is already in custody, investigators have the opportunity to review evidence that has been processed as well as wait for results on additional pieces of evidence. These results are also being discussed with and reviewed by the State Attorney. This thorough process on behalf of our team and the State Attorney’s Office will ensure that when additional charges are filed on Ryan Cole, they will address all of his criminal actions that evening. I appreciate the support and respect our community has shown for everyone affected by this tragic crime.”-Sheriff Bill Prummell

Now a month later Ryan Cole has been charged with murder.

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummell maintains that this was a random attack, saying there is no evidence indicating that Edman’s mother dated Cole, despite rumors about the two having been in a relationship.

This does not mean the case is done being investigated.

Cole is facing two new charges of second-degree murder and burglary with battery. 


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