Mother Was Positive She Saw A 'Ghost Baby' In Her Son's Crib

Mother Was Positive She Saw A 'Ghost Baby' In Her Son's Crib

Have you ever experienced the paranormal in your home? 

Mum Maritza Elizabeth had a scare last week that has since gone viral. 

Whilst checking up on her baby on the monitor she noticed a ghostly body seemingly snuggled up with her baby boy. Like any mother she got a scare. She found herself unable to sleep and even crept into her sons room with a flashlight to see if she could figure out what was in bed with him, but saw... nothing. It was only on the monitor that the 'ghost' appeared. 


I can see why she 'freaked out'. I would too if I saw this in my baby's crib! 

First thing in the morning, Maritza went in to investigate a little further and it turned out her husband was to blame. 

 It turns out he had forgotten to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets! 


It was the baby on the mattress sticker showing through the sheets! Friends on Facebook all “got a good laugh”when she updated them on the situation. 

Normally, the photo of the baby on the mattress label wouldn't have been visible. It appeared on the baby monitor Friday night because of some combination of the camera’s night vision and Cibuls’s husband forgetting to put on the mattress cover after changing the sheets. (“I could kill him!” she joked on Facebook.)

Just for the record, Cibuls said: “If I really thought our child was in danger, I wouldn’t have left him in there.”


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