Mother Nature Prevails As Ewe Gifts Newborn Lamb To Grieving Mother

Mother Nature Prevails As Ewe Gifts Newborn Lamb To Grieving Mother

The Bishop Family Farm is a sheep farm that can be found in Crawley, West Virginia.

They are run, as you may have guessed, by the Bishop family. They promote their journey with 4H projects and a Valais Blacknose breed-up program.

In case you didn't know, like me, through 4-H, young people are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that emphasize 4-H's "learning by doing" philosophy of youth development. Standing for head, heart, hands, and health, 4-H uses more than a century of experience in youth development programming to build strong, confident leaders.

The Bishop Family Farm was established in 2018 when daughter Sophia, who had become serious about her 4H project, wanted to continue with the endeavor. The desire of is for the Bishop kids to continue raising and showing lambs to teach them responsibility and allow them to get a jump start on a college fund through selling show lambs as our flock grows.


This year the family learned a lesson from their sheep and I thought it was beautiful enough to share it with you all. Farming is not an easy endeavor and although there are many beautiful lessons, there are hard ones as well. The Bishops posted a photo on Facebok that shared a beautiful moment from the farming world that, frankly, brought a tear to my eye.

On May 2, 2020, one of their ewe's gave birth to a stillborn lamb. Try as they might, the family was unable to resuscitate the newborn and were forced to remove it from the mother. The ewe cried all night long.

A second ewe on the farm had given birth to twins in the week before. Although they were very small, they survived.

Giving the ultimate gift, the ewe with twins gave the grieving mother one of her twin lambs to raise on her own. "The Lord provides for all our needs in so many ways," Bishop Family Farm writes.


"Such a wondrous act of love by the ewe with twins giving her fellow ewe (who lost her baby) one of the twins to raise as her own!! Mother nature doing us proud and healing a grieving mother's heart!" writes one fan.

Another shares: "I believe that animals grieve to, and can show emotion.I had two cats that gave birth at the same time. One of the mothers lost her babies, so the other one let her help raise the surviving babies. They were perfectly happy, and raised the healthiest kittens that I had ever seen."

In an update shared via comment, Bishop Family Farm replied to a comment that said they didn't know sheep would do that. "We didn't either, but were so happy to see it as the mom seemed lost and devastated walking around calling out. As of today, the two moms are co-parenting and all are thriving and happy."

On Mother's Day, the Bishop family Farm welcomed another set of twins when Hazel and Harriet were born.

You can watch their arrival below, but be warned, this is graphic content of actual lambing.


Thanks for sharing the journey with us. I suspect we will see a lot more from this farm in the lambing world for years to come.

Please consider following as they continue their journey!


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