Mom Finds 'Jellyfish' On Beach But It Turned Out To Be A Sex Toy

Mom Finds 'Jellyfish' On Beach But It Turned Out To Be A Sex Toy

Laura Mazza is a parenting blogger and social worker from Melbourne. She writes as 'The Mom On The Run' and shoots videos about daily life as a mother. She is known for being quite, ahem' candid with her readers and enjoys an honest and often hilarious outlook on life.

She has three beautiful children and often posts about her struggles with anxiety and depression. She is very loved by her 220,000 fans for taking an outspoken approach to life.


She recently enjoyed a bit of internet celebrity when her review of 'breast lifters' went viral. 


Yesterday she shared a story that had me in stitches. 

Laura was taking a walk along a beach, enjoying the autumn weather, with her friend.

They came across what they described as a 'big nail / screw looking thing'. They were both inspecting it and wondering what it could be. 

“What is that?” 

In an effort to investigate further, Laura went right up to it and I started kicking it, stepping on it and pushing it around.

Oh wow... it’s so squishy, she exclaimed: “Maybe it’s a jelly fish??”

After taking a closer look, both realised this was not a jellyfish. Laura jokingly says: "haha it looks like a dildo”...

At this time she had saw the other end of the "jellyfish" and saw some, lets call them lips. 

Turns out she was right. It was a sex toy! 


Thanks Laura, I spit out my coffee laughing at this! 


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