Michael Rapaport Says Trump Lost Because He’s a ‘C**ksucker’ and a ‘Miserable Piece of S**t’

Michael Rapaport Says Trump Lost Because He’s a ‘C**ksucker’ and a ‘Miserable Piece of S**t’

If you expected him to keep quiet, you obviously don't know him.

Michael Rapaport is a famous actor who has been in more than sixty films since the early 1990s. He had a sitcom called The War at Home. He also appeared in Boston Public, Friends, Prison Break, Justified, Atypical, and The Big Bang Theory.

More recently Rapaport is best known for his viral rants. He made headlines after sharing a clip he made in collaboration with the Instagram famous owner of Wilfred Warrior, a cat. Rapaport had feigned being alarmed at the sight of Wilfred, as well as likened the cat to his “grandma.”

Strong language warning if you want to watch the infamous video below.


You may also remember his viral rant he called "Public Service Announcement: STAY INSIDE!"


Rappaport is not a fan of Donald Trump. In fact, he also made waves when he infamously shared an image made in jest about the President and first lady. "Just a reminder, a hooker, and a con man are running America".


On November 8, 2020, when the media declared the election for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Michael Rapaport could not let the moment pass him by. He took to social media to attack President Trump, calling him a “c*ksucker” and a “miserable piece of sh*t.”

“You lost, you fucking lost, and I’m going to tell you why you lost,” Rapaport said from his car where he taped the clip. “Your stupid wife, your dumb f*cking daughters, your two f*cking sons… I’m going to tell you why you lost. You lost because you’re a c*cksucker. You’re a c*cksucker. You’re a lying, conniving, deceitful, c*cksucker!”

“You made people that never would have voted for Democrats vote against you, cus you’re a c*cksucker, you’re a miserable piece of sh*t. And now we’ve got a good guy, he’s not perfect and I don’t give a f*ck if he stutters, forgets things, makes mistakes, I’d rather have a guy stuttering and makes mistakes than a guy who blatantly makes sh*it up.”

You can watch the video below for yourself. Again, I'm going to issue a language warning. Nothing is beeped out in the video.


"Stand Bye & Stand Down"

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