Man Saves Nail Clippings For A Year To Make An Engagement Ring

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Man Saves Nail Clippings For A Year To Make An Engagement Ring

That's enough internet for me today!

Would you say 'I do' if the engagement ring was made from nail clippings? 

That's what I am left wondering after watching this viral YouTube video. The South China Morning Post reported that a Japanese man, who creates videos on YouTube under the name Kiwami Japan, collected his fingernail clippings for 365 days and filmed the process of them being turned into a piece of jewellery.

I was nothing short of shocked to learn that this was even possible. I was not alone, with one social media commenter exclaiming " When he is tightening the bolt and the finger nail juice squirted out, I started to retch."

We then observe him clipping his nails and putting them in a small glass jar.


Screengrab / kiwami japan

He then puts a year's worth of nail clippings into a small blender and chops them up. That must not have been fine enough because he then grinds them in something that looks like a pepper mill and makes the clippings much finer. He proceeds to mix the nail clippings pwder with water in a frying pan that he mixes into a paste. 


Screengrab / kiwami japan

He puts the paste into a vice or compressor of sorts and cooks it in the oven. What comes out is disgusting looking andbrown in color. 


Into a mold it goes and when it comes out it looks like a diamond in shape. 


He then fits the stone into a silver ring he has made. He puts it on a mannequin finger, presumeably because no human would want to wear it.  

The SCMP News' video has been watched over 220,000 times and has lots of likes and shares.

Most people were shocked and disgusted that he had made a ring from nail clippings. Here are some of my favorite comments: 

This is hell
That's it everyone. Pack it up. Humanity had a mediocre run. 
We've reached "dudes make ring out of fingers for robot girlfriend" o'clock so... its quittin' time.
I don't want to see how he makes fudge.

You can watch the SCMP video here:

Or you can watch the full 17 minute long video he made here. It has a lot of strange things in it.

What do you think about the ring?

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