People Are Intrigued By Creepy Doll Found In Cemetery With Cryptic Note

People Are Intrigued By Creepy Doll Found In Cemetery With Cryptic Note

The doll was found wrapped in a cloth that was shaped like a cross.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game where people use GPS-enabled devices to find treasure containers aka geocaches hidden by other players. There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world, in fact, there is most likely some near you right now.

One geocacher found something unexpected when seeking some caches this September 2020. They posted their find in the popular Reddit forum r/whatisthisthing . This group has 1.8 million users and acts as a community to help identify strange objects. If you have something and you don't know what it is, this is the place for you to search for an answer.

I have been a member for a while now and most queries are solved within minutes and I have seen some really interesting things.

Redditor rtothewin posted a series of images with this caption to the community on Sept 29, 2020.

"Found in a cemetery while geocaching. The doll was wrapped in the paper which was wrapped in the cloth cross and bound with twine. Overall very creepy."


Yes, I would have to agree - this is VERY creepy.

The doll was found wrapped in a cloth that was shaped like a cross.


Along with some kind of text written all over separate pieces of cloth.

What could this mean? What is it? Why did they touch it?

This is super creepy and I would just have left it. Reddit came to the rescue and the r/whatisthisthing community was able to identify the object and translate the letter.

"Based on what I can make out of the written note, this is called an "amarre entierro", a burial binding. Not sure if it's tied up to Santeria or some other magic based religion, I'm not knowledgeable about this practices. I only know an entierro is used to curse a person and consists in making a doll representing that person with the damage you want to inflict upon them and burying it in a graveyard. Looks like the second photo of the note gives instructions on how to break the curse! It was too deteriorated to make out but I can read "to break the curse burial...you must find...3 crosses... and it will break the curse....you will never do it ha ha ha'"

The text in the letter was translated as follows, it has strong language.

"Its in spanish, mostly inintelligible but starts "Maldito _Apolomio _ Ana Luz hijo de tu putisima madre tu y toda tu decendencia......... La felicidad no tendrás.... " and dolor, maldito estará, desgracia. Damned Apolomio Analuz son of a whore you and your whole offspring.... You wont have happinness... ". "pain, cursed be, disgrace"

To sum this up, the doll wrapped in cloth is an an amarre done to a man called Apolonio Avalos. It is no bueno. The original poster has been advised to tell the gravekeeper and leave it where it is, let them get rid of it.

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