Little Girl Might Save Christmas With Most Epic Christmas Photos With The Grinch

Little Girl Might Save Christmas With Most Epic Christmas Photos With The Grinch

I'm sure she'll laugh at these when she gets older!


Little Aubreigh Grayce might not be Cindy Lou Who, but she is certainly giving her a run for her money. The absolutely adorable little girl is making waves with her viral photoshoot. 

Cindy Low was a two-year-old girl who lived in Whoville. In the classic 1966 film, the little girl gets out of bed for a drink of water only to find the Grinch, dressed as Santa, stuffing the family tree up the chimney. In the past few years, getting your photo taken with the Grinch has seen a longer line than Santa Claus at the mall. It seems as though a change in the traditional photo with Santa for the fridge to one taken with the man who stole Christmas and then gave it back is a big hit. Not with all children though...


Awe how sweet! This is how the photos will come out right?



Little Aubreigh Grace did not know what she was getting herself into when she went with her mother for a photoshoot. Here we see her with a casual pose as the grinch sneaks up behind her. 


Do you see what I see?



Here she is in the next shot with clearly no idea what's going on behind her...


She has no clue.



This is the moment when Aubreigh Grace knew she had to run for her life. I wasn't there but I'm sure I heard the scream! 


Do you see her little hand?



Not one to take chances, she slips from the couch. 


The Grinch is absolutely in rare form.



Gracefully, of course. 


You are going to be ok!



She's running as though her life depends on it. 


You can see the determination.



This of course is the absolute money shot: 





Story Line!
Was the day before Christmas all smiles in the air
Then something behind the bushes came approaching the chair
He stood so tall nose in the air
Thinking if this might be a scare
Then closer he walked
And sat on the chair
She yelled and screamed
And shouted that’s mean
Then off she ran... and now she’s a Meme

Have a Very 2020 Christmas!

PS: here are some more videos! 





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