Larry King’s 7th Wife Reveals His Final Words And Real Cause Of Death

Larry King’s 7th Wife Reveals His Final Words And Real Cause Of Death

King's 6th wife had disclosed a different cause of death earlier.

Larry King,  born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger on November 19, 1933, died on January 23, 2021.

He was an American television host, radio host, and paid spokesman, whose work was recognized with awards including two Peabodys, an Emmy award, and 10 Cable ACE Awards. His death was revealed in a statement made by Ora Media and published on his Twitter account. “With profound sadness, Ora Media announces the death of our co-founder, host, and friend Larry King, who passed away this morning at age 87 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.”




The statement did not specify the cause of death, but King had been recently hospitalized with Covid-19 and had endured health problems for many years, including a near-fatal stroke in 2019 and diabetes which led, of course, to much speculation. 

In 1997, King married his seventh wife, Shawn Southwick. They wed in King's Los Angeles hospital room three days before he underwent heart surgery to clear a clogged blood vessel. The couple had two children: Chance, born March 1999, and Cannon, born May 2000. On their 10th anniversary in September 2007, Southwick joked she was "the only [wife] to have lasted into the two digits". Larry and Shawn King filed for divorce in 2010 but reconciled, and filed for divorce again on August 20, 2019.



On Wednesday, Southwick King confirmed that King was laid to rest in a "beautiful" and intimate ceremony attended by his family.

"We laid him to rest this morning. And in the Jewish faith, they do it very quickly, so you almost don't have time to, for me, to process," Southwick King told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm still processing. And as are the boys, the whole family is just, you know, yeah."
For the ceremony, the entire family wore his suspenders — a tribute to his signature look.
"We all, it was just family, we wore Larry's suspenders, every one of us," said Southwick King. "And it was a beautiful, loving … just perfect, just perfect. It was family. There was no showbiz, no, none of that."

Shawn King also opened up about her final moments with the legendary broadcaster. “We were able to do FaceTime in the hospital and it was hard for him to talk, but the one message that he wanted to make sure I heard was, ‘I love you, take care of the boys,'” she said to ET. Although Larry King's sixth wife had told the press that he had died from coronavirus, Shawn disclosed that this wasn’t his actual cause of death.

“It was an infection, it was sepsis,” she told the outlet. “Well, he was finally ready to go, I will tell you that. You know, he never wanted to go but his sweet little body was just, it had just been hit so many times with so many things and once we heard the word COVID, all of our hearts just sunk. But he beat it, you know, he beat it, but it did take its toll and then the unrelated infection finally is what took him, but boy, he was not gonna go down easily.”



The pair never finalized the divorce.

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