Jane Fonda Arrested On Capitol Hill Again At Climate Change Protest

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Jane Fonda Arrested On Capitol Hill Again At Climate Change Protest

I don't think this is the last time we'll see her on Capitol Hill.

Jane Fonda wasn't kidding when she said she would continue to hold ‘Fire Drill Fridays’ in Washington D.C and is prepared to be arrested every week.


She didn't let her arrest last week stop her from protesting for action on climate change. Inspired by young climate strikers such as Greta Thunberg she was back there today. 


Jane and several other protesters, including "Grace and Frankie" costar and "Law & Order" legend, Sam Waterson were all in attendance. 


And guess what? They just got arrested on the steps outside the U.S. Capitol building in D.C.



Twitter is very much on their side. Comments are very supportive (so far): 

"Great job officers. You saved DC from 2 actors with a combined age of 150. Bravo."

"Role model. ❤"

"Ahhh... its his first time. Way to go Sam."

"I am so proud of jane and others for being willing to put their bodies and resources behind their/our beliefs. But, as a former gov attorney, my teeth grind that any part of this raises cause for arrest in any way. Freedom of speech... association... to congregate."

I don't think this is the last time we will see Jane Fonda on Captol Hill. She told us she plans to protest for four months because ‘the world is at stake.’ 


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