Husband Praises Soldier Wife Who Made Chief While Battling Cancer

Husband Praises Soldier Wife Who Made Chief While Battling Cancer

In October 2019, Grayson's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pair were happily married in 2018.

Grayson Rogers is a Music City resident in Nashville, TN, who created his own style and sound from a variety of influences. He's always had a love for music but didn't start pursuing a career in music until he was 18.

“I’ve been blessed to have amazing fans that have supported me and believed in me since the very beginning. It’s truly a dream come true…. I’m determined to take this as far as God allows me!” – says Grayson.

In October 2019, Grayson's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The pair were happily married in 2018.


Grayson was rocked, however, the couple was strong. They took to social media sharing the battle.

Following the diagnosis of my Kayla’s cancer, there was a LOT of waiting in doctors' appointments. Grayson did his best to be there for her. The uncertainty of it allhit them hard, but they knew they needed to trust that God had a plan. We all know that sometimes that’s easier said than done. They promised to keep followers updated on the diagnosis and surgery was imminent. surgery will be in the next few weeks.

Grayson's wife Kayla serves proudly in the United States Navy.


The couple didn't let that slow them down. They went from finding more out about the diagnosis to recording songs. "The highs and lows of this life are real... but with God nothing is too much to handle. Thank y’all for the prayers and all of the support! Love y’all."

Less than a month after her diagnosis, Kayla went in for surgery.


Grayson then decided to shave his own head with Kayla to start the process of her chemo. "Life is crazy... Ya just gotta embrace everything it throws at you ... good and bad," he said. "Through the struggle through the pain... She has the faith of a true fighter. Ain’t NO WAY cancer beating her. Gods giving her all the strength she needs. She’s truly inspiring to me."

I found this picture absolutely beautiful and him being right with her and going with her in stride is incredible!


By late February. 2020, Kayla had completed another round of chemo.


By the end of March 2020, Kayla was officially done with chemo. "Her joy and strength from the Lord overcame. And it keeps happening time and time again. Amazing."


On October 1, 2020, the couple posted that it had been a year since Kayla's diagnosis. "It was a journey that rocked us to the core. Through multiple surgeries, chemo and now close monitored care, I’ve watched her kick cancer to the curb with grace, grit and most importantly, faith. In honor of her journey, and in honor of #breastcancerawarenessmonth , we’ll be releasing a song I wrote for her called “Fighters".

This song is for the warrior who never gives up no matter how hard it gets. This song is for my wife, but also for every other person out there battling a mountain. It became her anthem through her fight, and now we pray it helps others as they go through it too. Keep fighting.


On October 20, 2020, Grayson posted what might be the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen. It's a photo of his wife, taken in January 2020, as she was getting ready to go in to take her exam for Chief Petty Officer. She was in between chemo rounds and fighting fatigue, chemo sickness, and chemo brain. When she got home and Grayson asked her how she did, she said “I prayed my way through the exam so it’s all in God’s hands.”

On October 20, 2020, the Navy publicly released the advancement results for Chief Petty Officer and she was selected! For those of you that don’t know, being selected for Chief is a huge milestone in her career.

"This year has been a tough one on her, but she never stopped fighting," writes Grayson. "She always relied on her faith. She never gave up. She is a true FIGHTER."

"Congratulations, Chief Select. I’m proud of you and I love you!"


Grayson also released “Fighters”, our only hope was that it would bring inspiration to people going through hard times. You can watch it below.


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