Learn How To Get Orchids To Bloom and Rebloom

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Learn How To Get Orchids To Bloom and Rebloom

You don't need a green thumb to take care of this plant!

Orchids are gorgeous blooms that everybody has had the chance to take care of at some point in their lives.

It's become the most popular plant to give as a gift, and they're said to be super easy to take care of, but we all know that's not true at all.

No matter how much care and attention you give this flower, it's never enough.

While orchids need a lot of water and a decent amount of humidity to keep healthy, once their flowers fall off, it seems almost impossible to get your existing plant to bloom again.

If you love your orchid and are not ready to throw it out, keep reading because there's a way you can get your plant looking all pretty again.

Photo by Sara Afonso from  Pexels

According to writer Molly Hackett from Ravalli Republic , most orchids bloom only once a year and may stay in bloom for three to four months.

"Since very few orchids bloom during the summer, it is not surprising that yours still has only leaves. Orchids normally begin making their flowering stems in fall or winter."

That being said, one person may have found a solution to helping orchids bloom faster.

Helen Nordvall from Sweden told Swedish Website Year Round ( Aret Rund ) that she came across a simple trick that helped her orchids bloom in just two weeks.

"I have tried to read lots of tips during this time. I have watered from above, from below, with nutrition ... I've tested everything, but none have worked. That's why I was so happy when I finally found this solution," a translated version of the text reads.

Photo by Pixabay from  Pexels

This is what Helen did: She pulled the orchids from the roots and rinsed any soil residue. Then, she placed the roots inside a wide, transparent vase full of water and let it stand by the sun.

Two weeks later, her orchids bloomed and have stayed that way for months.

Now once a week, Helen changes the water in the vases and rinses off the roots to keep them growing healthy.

"It was so easy. I do not have a green thumb, but I really love orchids. It feels very nice that I will never have to throw out any more," she said.

Do you find orchids are hard to take care of? Have you ever tried Helen's trick before?

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