Giant 3-Year-Old Boy Gains Fame On TikTok For His Size (Which Is Off The Charts)

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Giant 3-Year-Old Boy Gains Fame On TikTok For His Size (Which Is Off The Charts)

He's a healthy boy says Mom, in response to people shaming her son.

"Big Baby" Gavin went from being an average 3-year-old to TikTok's most popular baby. It all started innocently enough when his mother uploaded a video of him to the popular platform after her 16-year-old son suggested she might find it fun.

The videos took off and Gavin was an internet sensation. "My 16-year-old, Caleb, he woke me and said I had so many views," said Kat in an interview. She now has 175.6K followers and 4.4 million likes.

Not all comments have been kind and Gavin has been mocked, with some saying they are repulsed by his appearance. "There's been good comments, bad comments. There's funny [ones]. But some are mean, even a bit harsh about it. He is what he is," says Mom.

According to Kat, "We go for a regular doctor's check-up. There's a growth curve — he's off the charts! He's been off the charts since after birth," she said.

Gavin is typical in most ways. The young boy loves Halloween, birthdays, and M&Ms. He spends his days playing with Kat (who is 5'8), his father Galen (5'10), and 16-year-old brother Caleb, on their farm in America's Midwest. They're all working and studying from home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Gavin's most popular video shows him riding his dad's back, with clouds of baby powder billowing.

"I can't tell if the baby is 4 months old or 4-years-old," writes one viewer.

"Whoever birth him is probably still in the hospital," writes another.

In any case, the video has been viewed more than 16 million times.

FYI: Gavin was born a normal-sized baby, but he's big for his age, and he has a lot of uncles and great-uncles over six feet tall.

Kat has does not plan on letting the haters get her down. She's going all-in, posting clips of Gavin to make people smile. She's abiding by the "babies are cute" rules of social media, and the more recent videos include a lot more positive feedback.

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