Frog Bread Is The Next Baking Trend And It Kneads No Introduction

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Frog Bread Is The Next Baking Trend And It Kneads No Introduction

Quarantine baking has hopped into new waters as Frog Bread becomes the next must bake trend.

Quarantine has bakers around the world dusting off their mixers and getting back to a hobby they loved but didn't have time for before.

The first wave of bakin during the pandemic saw breadmakers sell out and sourdough starters trend worldwide. A new trend has hopped into my newsfeed and it might be my new favorite thing.

People have started to bake frog bread and it's exactly what you think. Unless you think there is an actual frog in the dough. Frog bread is a loaf of bread that is shaped like a frog and it's said to be easier to make than you might think. Apparently you don't knead to be a pro baker to create your own.

Who do we have to thank for this new bread trend? Well TikTok of course.

How does one make frog bread you ask?

Start with any kind of bread dough, be it sourdough of yeast based. Let the dough rise.

The next step is the tricky part where you are going to shape your dough into an amphibian. You will need to have an egg shaped chunk of dough for the body, the legs will be made from two smaller dough balls put at what would be the top of the egg. Small disks of dough cut in half will form the feet, you will later cut toes into them. Little tubes of dough will form the toes and two balls for the eyes. I found a really nice tutorial on The Fresh Loaf . who made this way back in 2015. Best they didn't think it would be trending now!

After you have finished sculpting, it's time to bake. Some people like to use an egg wash, but it is not required. If you want a perfectly baked from the general rule of thumb would be to bake it at 350° for about 45 minutes or until golden brown.

As cute as they are, be warned. Not all frog breads are created equally and some are a little strange.

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