Fast Food Mascot Burger King Kisses Ronald McDonald In Ad Celebrating Pride

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Fast Food Mascot Burger King Kisses Ronald McDonald In Ad Celebrating Pride

fast-food mascot kissing rival Ronald McDonald.

Burger King has long supported LGBTQ rights.

Back in 2014, the fast-food giant made waves after creating a "Pride Whopper" in support of LGBT rights. The burger featured all the same ingredients of your classic whopper, except it comes in a rainbow wrapping with the message "we are all the same inside."

“It showcases who we are as a brand,” said Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons. “It shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression.”

On September 10, 2020, Burger King Finland, who is the official partner of The Helsinki Pride, released a new ad. This one features the Burger King sharing a tender kiss with Ronald McDonald. The posters include the tagline, “Love Conquers All.”

Pride Week has been canceled in Helsinki, Finland, due to coronavirus regulations, but there are still some smaller events that will continue, along with virtual celebrations.

“Burger King has always stood for equality, love, and everyone’s right to be just the way they are,” Burger King Finland’s brand manager Kaisa Kasila said .

“The only instance where it might not seem so is when we’re bantering with our competitor. But we want to be clear – it all stems from the respect we have for them. And we know McDonald’s stands for the values we stand for, too.”

“The idea behind the painting sprung from our desire to celebrate love in all forms,” Kasila continued. “We thought, what a better way to convey our values than by portraying an all-encompassing kiss between Burger King and McDonald. We wanted to show that in the end, love always wins.”

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