Family Of 4 Gives Up House After Converting An RV To Dream Home On Wheels

Family Of 4 Gives Up House After Converting An RV To Dream Home On Wheels

They even have a fireplace in their 350-square-foot home on wheels!

Imagine if the view below was the one you awoke to every morning? Well for one family of four, the dream is a reality.  





Born from a love of natural exploration and a drive for adventure, Kris and Andy along with their sons, Kieghan and Kinsler, and their pets, Luna and Jesse, are known as 'Where The Wild Things Roam' and they've been wildly traveling the US since 2018. They call themselves roadschoolers, digital nomads, and RV Masterclass Instructors.

They are a full-time traveling family who traded their 3,000-square-foot home in North Texas for a 150-square-foot RV. Initially worried about their decision to put it all on the line, the family quickly realized that life on the road was easier than expected. 




"It was our first key destination as a full-time RV family, and it was just a huge milestone," Andy, 32, told Insider of their time in Niagara Falls. "All the pain and effort of the last year had paid off."

They had just spent months renovating their RV and had decided to try out six months on the road.

“We knew we didn’t want to live in Texas anymore,” Andy told People. “We were done with that. We knew traveling, at least for a short amount of time, sounded like a lot of fun.
“We had lived in Dublin for three months for a job I had, so we knew the short-term living with less stuff was actually fun. So we knew we could do that pretty easily, at least for three months.” 

After their first year traveling, Kris and Andy wanted an upgrade, so they traded in their 150-square-foot motor home for a 2019 Keystone Fuzion 424 toy hauler. That's about 350-square-feet.

The family documents their adventures on their blog, Where Wild Ones Roam, as well as on social media





The selling point for the family was simple, the toy hauler has a garage, where a family might typically store outdoor gear like four-wheelers. Kris and Andy decided to transform the space into their bedroom, which has Andy's office space, a washer and dryer, a half bathroom, and a patio.




The main living area of the 350-square-foot toy hauler has an electric fireplace, a kitchen, and a dining-room counter.



At the front of the RV are a full bathroom and the boys' room.




The RV gets plenty of natural light, and there weren't many renovations they would need to make. Besides, they spend a lot of their time exploring! Their goal is to travel to all 50 states! So far, they've checked 42 states off their list.

How did they do it? I wondered too.  "We went to YouTube university." Whenever they couldn't figure something out, they would watch videos about it. They also drew inspiration from Pinterest, "taking home design and making it a very small version of what you see," Kris explains. 




Though the family travels have been limited due to COVID-19, the family has no plans to stop. For now, they do all their travel on a Sunday, spending up to 5 hours on the road. They find they can go most places since they don't need to worry about airports and buses and hotel rooms.

If you are new to homeschooling and/or homeschooling on the road, check out their RVMasterClass! That's a 12-hour course on how to get started and give you a huge head start. 

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