Dog Will Return To TV Without Beth As New Pic Gets Fans Excited

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Dog Will Return To TV Without Beth As New Pic Gets Fans Excited

Following a popular season of Dogs Most Wanted, fans were left wondering if we would see more of our favorite bounty hunter and it appears a new show is right around the corner.

Dog's Most Wanted is an American reality television series that premiered on WGN America on September 4, 2019. Following the death of beloved star Beth Chapman, many fans wondered what was to become of our favorite bounty hunter.

As can be expected, Duane 'Dog' Chapman has had a tough year. Though fans knew his late wife Beth was sick and had decided to stop treatment, nobody expected her death to come so quickly. Dogs Most Wanted ended on a difficult note. On June 26, 2019, Beth died at Hawaii's Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii as a result of stage two throat cancer. Following Beth's death, the series resumed filming July 10, 2019.

WGN said publicly that it had no intention in making a second season and many fans were left in limbo, wondering if this was the end of the legendary bounty hunter. The cancellation came just days after Dog controversially proposed to his new girlfriend Moon Angell on the Dr. Oz Show. The proposal was bizarre and was later reported to be fake as Dog was said to be overly emotional and simply got caught up in the moment. It was later revealed that WGN is changing its format to become a three-hour prime time news show in September 2020.

Duane, who has been married five times and has 13 children, joked of his family: 'I don't know about the word dysfunctional but I think we created it.'

Yesterday, July 23, 2020, a photo began to circulate on social media that implies Dog is currently taping a new show. "Social Distancing At The Office w/The Boss 🚘😷🚙🎥," reads the caption. You can see the cameraman in the car next to him.

It appears that Dog is back and this time he's bringing the whole family with him. There is a new spinoff show, which he's calling Dog's Dirty Dozen, that will feature all 12 of his kids and airing in November 2019. Dog revealed this on The Coach Mike Podcast where he also opened up about his troubled youth and how he was able to turn his trauma into an empire.

"The last network was Dog's Most Wanted with WGN. We broke all records. I'm not just saying, 'Dog! Dog!' Not me, the family," he said on the podcast. "It was about Beth and her final days. Now, we have the show. We're all back together. Because when a tragedy like that happens in your family, you gotta pull together. So, it's called Dog's Dirty Dozen."

As for Dog, he's doing better these days. In May he announced a new engagement, this time for real. He got down on one knee at a romantic dinner at home in Colorado, ten months after Beth's death, and proposed to Francie Frane, after they started dating earlier this year. The couple believes their meeting was due to divine intervention as Francie lost her husband Bob six months prior to Beth's passing.

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