Claudia Conway Called Whistleblower After Saying Trump Is 'Not Doing Better'

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Claudia Conway Called Whistleblower After Saying Trump Is 'Not Doing Better'

Kellyanne's daughter made unverified claims about the POTUS and his health status.

You may not have known who Claudia Conway was last year, but surely you do now. The teen daughter of Kellyanne Conway, who was Trump's campaign manager since 2016 and the first woman to have run a successful U.S. presidential campaign, has been making waves in 2020 with her unabashed coverage of politics on TikTok.

She first gained attention for her political views when New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz discovered she was posting some anti-Trump videos. Claudia is outspoken in her dislike for Trump and posts videos pushing for justice for Breonna Taylor and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

*Update Below - Claudia Conway Responds!

Claudia tries to use her platform to educate others on social justice issues. "I know a lot of my friends are so informed and I think they wouldn't be if it weren't for social media, which is why I think using one's platform for good and for the education of others is so, so important, especially in our day," Claudia told USA TODAY . Following a tweet on August 22, 2020, when Claudia said she wanted to seek emancipation from her parents, both Kellyanne and her husband George Conway resigned from their political careers.

Claudia once again went viral this past weekend of October 3, 2020, when she posted a TikTok video confirming that her mother had tested positive for COVID-19. That post triggered a massive amount of news coverage, forcing Kellyanne to publicly confirm her diagnosis.

The whole ordeal was a little confusing, but here's what seems to have happened.

On Friday, Kellyanne tweeted that she had tested positive for COVID.

15-year-old Claudia, however, had already revealed this news on her TikTok.

"Update my mom has COVID," she wrote on one post, featuring a video of her wearing a mask. "I'm furious," she wrote on a follow-up video. "Wear your masks. dont listen to our idiot f*cking president piece of sh*t. protect yourself and those around you."

Claudia and her father George both contracted the disease from Kellyanne.

After making claims that her mother had lied about COVID, Kellyanne had her daughter post the video below, you can clearly hear her in the background so sound on.

Making waves once again, Claudia trended once again on October 5 and 6 when she shared that Trump is not doing as well as he's letting on. She commented on her TikTok last night, "guys lmao he's not doing 'better'," and "he is so ridiculous. apparently, he is doing badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him."

Mom Kellyanne was not pleased. She took to Twitter and tried to downplay her daughter's TikTik videos, saying "My daughter, Claudia, is beautiful & brilliant. She has access to top doctors & health care & lives comfortably Like all of you, she speculates on social media Yet she’s 15 You are adults We have COVID, but it’s clear who’s really sick".

Twitter is in love with Claudia Conway and calls her the supreme whistleblower. "Is Claudia Conway an American hero? Who can be sure," writes one fan.

"We're really at the point in history where the most reliable source on the health of the president is a teenager on TikTok, aren't we?" writes another.

While Claudia's claims that Trump's illness is more serious than the administration has presented aren't verified, her status as an insider has lent them more credence with White House watchers.


In a video posted on Monday night that has since been set to private, Claudia Conway retracted a claim she made that her mother had lied about the negative results of a COVID-19 test.

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