Claudia Conway Alleges Abuse By Mom Kellyanne In Disturbing Videos

Claudia Conway Alleges Abuse By Mom Kellyanne In Disturbing Videos

Claudia Conway shares videos exposing her mother former Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway verbally and physically abusing her.

If you didn't know Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia last year, I bet you do now. 

The viral teen, whose mother was Trump's campaign manager since 2016 and the first woman to have run a successful U.S. presidential campaign, made waves in 2020 with her unabashed coverage of politics on TikTok. Claudia first gained attention from New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz who discovered she was posting some anti-Trump videos. Claudia is outspoken in her dislike for Trump and posts videos pushing for justice for Breonna Taylor and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.




Claudia tries to use her platform to educate others on social justice issues. "I know a lot of my friends are so informed and I think they wouldn't be if it weren't for social media, which is why I think using one's platform for good and for the education of others is so, so important, especially in our day," Claudia told USA TODAY . Following a tweet on August 22, 2020, when Claudia said she wanted to seek emancipation from her parents, both Kellyanne and her husband George Conway resigned from their political careers.








After several months of silence from the teen, Claudia has resurfaced and makes some disturbing allegations. 

Claudia Conway posted a TikTok video titled, 'A Covid recap with Kelly,' referring to her mother. The video posted below, shows Claudia, while there is screaming from the background. The screaming is alleged to be that of Kellyanne. The woman screaming can be heard shrieking “a**hole” and “beat the s**t out of my daughter.” 

The voice also says: “I can get you taken out of here today,” and complained about the “stupid a** things you always say.”
Then the woman yelled, “F*** you" followed by “you don’t f***ing listen – what the f*** is wrong with you?”

The video doesn't end there. 

It should be noted that “A COVID Recap with Kelly” is heavily edited and never shows Kellyanne directly. 

The woman is heard calling Claudia an “ungrateful b**ch,” and then saying, “You’re lucky your mom’s pro-life.”


In another video, Claudia is again seen on camera as that other voice is heard screaming at her and mocking her. “Do you know what you’ve done to yourself?”.

Followers of the 16-year-old have been quick to offer help and advice. 



Claudia Conway claimed that one clip of the video showed her mother physically hitting her.




Claudia Conway later posted saying that she’s not trying to hate on her mom Kellyanne Conway, she’s just trying to tell her side of the story.

So far no comment from Kellyanne Conway has been made. 



Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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