‘Christmas Tree Hair’ Is A Hair-Raising Trend For The Season

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‘Christmas Tree Hair’ Is A Hair-Raising Trend For The Season

It's very grinchy!

If you want to be the most festive person at your holiday party, have I got the style for you! 

It's literally the top of the charts when it comes to the most interesting, height-defying hairstyle. 

It's Christmas Tree Hair.


The look has people styling their hair in to an upside-down cone shape that looks like a Christmas tree, before decorating their locks with ornaments.


If you are thinking of trying this style out on yourself, or maybe a child, it's really quite easy. 

All you need is an empty water bottle and some Christmas decorations. Apparently battery operated lights are favored, ribbons, tiny ornaments and maybe a star for the top. Your hair does need to be long enough to cover the water bottle. 


After you have all of that gathered, simply put the water bottle on top of your head, secure it, wrap your hair around it and decorate to your hearts content. I think it's a cute and easy way to bring some festive fun to any holiday event you might be attending. 

If you have a green wig or green spray paint, you can really take things up a notch! 


This seems to have had made it's rounds in previous years too! Here's the original video that went viral! 


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