Christmas In July As International Delight Brings Elf Creamers To The Shelves

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Christmas In July As International Delight Brings Elf Creamers To The Shelves

Son of a Nutcracker these are going to be too tasty for me to save for the holidays.

What can be better than the taste of Christmas?

International Delight are known for their decadent creamers. From Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream to REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup creamer, if you're not trying out some of these delicious flavors, you're missing out.

If you are a coffee purist, enjoy your coffee black, but why did you even come here? This is for the rest of us who love flavored creamers and there is an entire nation of us. It's called Creamer Nation and we are sugar high but loving life.

One of my favorite Instagrammers, the most excellent CandyHunting posted a picture that had me searching for my flip flops to check my local grocery store refrigeration aisles. Do you know what else I love? Christmas. Christmas and creamers and that's why I was overjoyed by this image.

"International Delight is bringing Elf to the refrigerated shelf! New Caramel Waffle Cookie (think stroopwafel) creamer is joining returning Peppermint Mocha and Frosted Sugar Cookie with new Elf designs! These are already starting to hit shelves, so be on the lookout," writes CandyHunting.

The comment section of the post was pretty lit too.

"oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh My Goshhhh!!!!!," writes one fan.

"Oh my goodness. I wouldn't even drink em. Too cute" wrote another.

Not everybody was as excited bout the rollout, with one fan exclaiming "I have questions"

I mainly question if these will make the world’s best cup of coffee. All signs point to yes. Happy holidays indeed. Pour on the taste of sweet!

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