Caitlyn Jenner Barged In On Sophia Hutchins Who Had Male Company

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Caitlyn Jenner Barged In On Sophia Hutchins Who Had Male Company

Hutchins finally seems to set the record straight as to what exactly is going on between them.

In case you didn't know, Sophia Hutchins is a Pepperdine University graduate in the sunscreen business. She sits in the CEO seat at LUMASOL, which is an odourless SPF sunscreen mist that can be applied after makeup. Sophia also worked as the CEO of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which promotes equality and combats discrimination by providing grants to organizations that empower and improve the lives of transgender people. Sophia, like Jenner is also a transgendered woman.

When it comes to their relationship, things are often clear as mud. The public is very curious about the pair and speculation has been ripe. They met back in 2015 and Hutchins was seen on several episodes of I am Cait, the E! show that centered around Jenner's life post-transition. Back in July 2018, The Sun ran a story that claimed Hutchins had confirmed they were dating. In an Instagram Q&A with fans, Hutchins was asked if was in a relationship to which she replied, "Oh yes! 😍". When asked if it was with Jenner, it wasn't as clear. All she said was 🙄. However, when someone else asked if the pair were planning on getting married, Sophia tellingly replied with two bride emojis side by side.

Jenner, at 70-years-old, is four times the age of Hutchins who is 23 and the same age as his daughter Kendall.

In an interview with The Hidden Truth, Hutchins said this: "We’re partners in everything we do, we’re inseparable, we’re business partners, we live together, we share a dog, we share family, we share a life together." Hutchins, formerly known as Scott, transitioned after Jenner encouraged her to “establish her own identity”.

Hutchins hasn't been in any hurry to deny rumors that the pair are involved. She has regularly posted selfies of the duo on Instagram and even posted one from what appeared to be Jenner's bad with the caption "Home Sweet Home".

All that being said, in a December interview with the New York Times, Hutchins said that "We were never romantically involved." When asked why there were so many reports about the status of their relationship she said: "Because we weren’t addressing it. I don’t feel a need to address my sex life, quite frankly, unless I want to.”

On May 14, 2020 Hutchins was interviewed on the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. Juicy Scoop is a podcast that follows Heather as she asks the juiciest questions you always want answered from comedians, actors, reality stars and more.

Hutchins dished about a recentl embarassing moment that happened in the house she shares with Jenner. "We had to put a lock on my door because Caitlyn decided to barge into my room while I had a friend over," Sophia says. She adds that Jenner "kind of saw a lot of things happening."

Could this have been an accident asks McDonald? "Oh she knew he was there," Sophia replied. "It's kind of like living with your parents and I'm like oh, this might be a turning point where I might need to move out," she shared.

Hutchin goes on to say that the media has her relationship with Jenner all wrong. "It's more parental. I date guys," she said. "And Caitlyn's like, I gotta sign off on him. It's very parental, very protective."

Finally she says what the people have wanted to know about for years. "It was never romantic. Never sexual. It was very much friends but I understand why people perceived it that way," she said. "We never addressed it and that was part of the problem."

You can watch the full interview below, or listen to the podcast episode here .

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