Belly Dancing Mama Shows She Still Has Moves At 9 Months Pregnant

Belly Dancing Mama Shows She Still Has Moves At 9 Months Pregnant

Look how careful she is with her moves, there's no risk on hurting the baby, she knows what she's doing.

Romy Mimus is an official member of the world-famous Dance Company "Bellydance Superstars", a member of the European Dance Ensemble "Rakas" and has even won first place in the "Bellydancer of the World" competition. 

Romy has been teaching the ancient art of belly-dancing since 2006. Her mother, Enussah is one of the most experienced dancers in the oriental dance scene. She runs the large dance studio "Scarabeo Palace", organizes the Bellydance Festival "Total Oriental" and the tribal festival "Tribal Convention" and in her educational project "Step-On" she trains more than 10 years ambitious dancers to teachers in oriental dance, She has been coaching and accompanying young dance talents for many years now, who have become stars themselves.



When she was pregnant, Romy sought to show the world how beautiful a pregnant belly can be, especially when dancing. Captioning her video “Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t workout. But of course you have to be gentle and listen to your body. Movement keeps you fit and healthy during pregnancy. I personally always feel best while dancing, especially now with my little one   It’s also totally safe for her! Happy and healthy Pregnancy everybody!” 


Source: YouTube


Romy is one of the most promising young talents in the oriental dance scene and you can certainly see her talent and love of dance in the video she posted. Coincidentally, the baby was born the day after this video was shot! 



It turns out that Romy is not the only belly dancing mother-to-be to post a video of this sort. Made famous after numerous television appearances, Sadie Marquardt is a well-known American belly-dancer. Her pregnancy didn't stop her from performing and perfecting her craft. In fact, many people thought that her being pregnant makes her an even more stunning performer. 



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