Before & After: Mama Pitbull Has Maternity + Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot

Before & After: Mama Pitbull Has Maternity + Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot

In my opinion, resue dogs deserve all the attention they can get. Pits and Giggles Rescue along with Enchanted Hills Photography had an adorable idea that has captured the hearts of animal lovers all over the world. 

It started when Mama Pickles wound up at Pits and Giggles. They are rescue that provides maternity and postnatal care for pregnant bully breed dogs and their puppies.

The wonderful rescue workers realized right away that this Mama had the personality that would be perfect for a 'maternity photo shoot'. While these have been really popular for human mom-to-be's, this was the first I'd seen starring a dog! Check out the results and make sure to scroll, there are two adorable photos!


"It took a lot of hands and tons of treats to help her focus on channeling that inner goddess!" Casteen Sykes told Insider.

"She was amazing and you could really see her soaking up and loving the attention. She's a typical pitty in the sense that she will do anything for pets and praise!"

Since Mama Pickles was a such a natural in front of the camera it only makes sense that photographer Lauren Casteen Sykes got some more shots of her eight puppies arrived. The happy new family just posed for some absolutely adorable group shots.



You can learn more about Pits & Giggles' work or find information about volunteering or adopting on the organization's website.

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