A Mom Of Triplets Shares Her Incredible Journey With Baby Bump Pictures

A Mom Of Triplets Shares Her Incredible Journey With Baby Bump Pictures

Conceived naturally, Maria Nordø Jørstad, from Copenhagen, Denmark, gave birth by C-section to triplets!

Maria Nordø Jørstad lives with hubby Anders of Copenhagen. Her life is very different from most new moms. Not only did she already have a 2-year-old son, but Mari naturally conceived triplets with her husband. The couple started recording her pregnancy journey on Instagram under the handle 'triplets_of_copenhagen' in 2018.

Statistics vary but some research suggests conceiving triplets naturally occurs 1 in every 9000 births. Via fertility assistance, the likelihood increases to around 1 in every 40. Maria and Anders already were triply blessed with the news they would be parents of multiples. 



Their family was about to grow by three as they announced that they were having two girls and a boy. Like many expectant mothers, Maria took to social media to share bump updates and ultrasound scans with her followers. Here were rather exceptional, as you might imagine. Since they were recording the amazing growth of three inside a belly, instead of one. 



Here she is at 14 weeks, you can see by the image on her phone that this was quite a change from the week before. Spoiler alert, things are going to get a lot more drastic! 



19 weeks now and things are moving along nicely. Just a tad bigger than a mother carrying one! 



22 weeks and the babies now measure 27 cm! 




26 Weeks, they should grow about a kilo each in the next week!
Maria now begins her third trimester. This is the last third of pregnancy, one Maria will be in until her babies are born. In one post, Maria explains that "my belly is really heavy and I can’t stand up for long before getting back pain".




At 32 weeks, Maria has reached the average length of pregnancy for triplets.

"It’s strange to have ended up with such a big belly and it’s even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down! 😳😂"






From left to right we have Iben, Filip & Agnes, also known as A, B & C after their birth order. ☺️ ⠀




Even though they are only 7 days old, they already have started to show their individual personalities. 😍

Maria also bravely showed off her beautiful post-partum body.
She said: "(My stomach) is still showing, I was kind of surprised that it was still so big. I didn't know that it takes such a long time to shrink."I found it kind of interesting, this is the reality for many women and you never see pictures like that."










Here is what they look like now: 






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