75-Year-Old Man Who Was The Victim Of Viral Nursing Home Video Has Died

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75-Year-Old Man Who Was The Victim Of Viral Nursing Home Video Has Died

75-year-old Norman Bledsoe was staying in a Detroit nursing facility when his roommate decided to viciously assault him and post the video online.

You may remember Jaden T. Hayden of Ypsilanti, who went viral after he posted a video of himself, beating his 75-year-old roommate in May of 2020.

Jaden T. Hayden of Ypsilanti was charged with two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, larceny in a building and two counts of stealing/retaining a financial transaction without consent, according to a news release from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

At the time, Hayden had been sharing a room with 75-year-old Norman Bledsoe in the nursing facility on the 16850 block of Schaefer Highway in Detroit. It is unknown why Hayden set up his phone to record the vicious beating that saw him repeatedly punching the defenseless man in the head. Hearing the commotion, staff rushed to aid Bledsoe who was bleeding from injuries on the left and right side of his head. Hayden led the staff to believe that Bledsoe had fallen from his bed. It is alleged that Defendant Hayden then posted videos on social media and stole Mr. Bledsoe’s credit cards.

Following the attack, Bledsoe became depressed and struggled to eat properly. On July 27, 2020, Norman Bledsoe died. "His eating habits went downhill after (the alleged assault), and he lost quite a bit of weight," his nephew, Kevin Bledsoe said to The Detroit News.

Bledsoe said he learned from his father Monday morning about his uncle's death, although he was unsure of the cause. He also disclosed that his uncle suffered four broken fingers, broken ribs, and a broken jaw as a result of the attack. Due to precautions put in place with the COVID-19 outbreak, visitors were not allowed at the burning home until last week. "We finally were able to see him last week," said Kevin Bledsoe. "He wasn't doing very good. I guess there just wasn't anything else they could do for him."

The family of the late Norman Bledsoe plans to go forward with a lawsuit against the nursing home and is being represented by attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

The case has sparked a lot of interest, even President Trump tweeted about the incident.


Jaden Hayden is awaiting a July 30 hearing to determine if he's mentally competent to stand trial. A man who identified himself as Hayden’s father said his son had several health issues at home, has autism, and was hearing voices.

"That hurts to see that," the father said to FOX2 when watching the video. "What he did is wrong and (I offer) my apologies to the victim's family. I just don't want people to think that he's this vicious individual. He's got mental issues".

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