4-Year-Old Disabled Boy Left With Nasty Facial Injuries After Daycare

4-Year-Old Disabled Boy Left With Nasty Facial Injuries After Daycare

Masua Tusa, known as Sua to his mum and dad, has cerebral palsy and suffers with his speech. Masua is said to have taken a tumble down some stairs in his wheelchair according to his nursery school workers. Mum, however, says his injuries are too severe.

"Is this what you would want to expect when picking up your child from kindergarten, leaving your child in the hands of the people you believe they will look after them?"


While Manua was at Manurewa West Kindergarten last Wednesday in New Zealand, he suffered extensive facial injuries. The injuries included "deep grazes where large patches of skin have been scraped from his nose, forehead and cheek."

The police and Ministry of Education are both investigating.

His mother Milly Tusa told Checkpoint she "only heard her son was injured when she went to collect him as usual and was told by staff he'd tumbled down some stairs while strapped in his wheelchair."

I find it hard to believe that the staff was not able to call them after he sustained such an injury. When my children were in daycare I was phoned over much less - as I believe you should be.

The teacher told Ms Tusa that she tried four times to call her, noting that he had a minor graze. She said that she'd locked the wheels of his wheelchair and put him at the top of the stairs.

The way it was communicated, Ms Tusa did not think the injuries would be severe. She was mistaken.

"It was skin burns, raw burns on his face from the top of his eyelid down. He had scratches on the top of his lips and he had scratches on his nose."

According to his mum, little Manua is traumatised and embarrassed by the incident, and unable to communicate his emotions about the situation.

"I've asked him a couple of times (about the incident) and all he says is 'mummy, naughty teacher, mummy, naughty teacher'."


He will not be going back to Manurewa West Kindergarten.

The kindergarten has declined interviews while it works with the Ministry of Education during its investigation.

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