25-Years Ago The Movie Clueless Was Released, Where Are All The Stars Today

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25-Years Ago The Movie Clueless Was Released, Where Are All The Stars Today

The cult classic that brought us "Rollin' with the homies", "As if" and "You’re a total Betty" is still a hit, here's what all the stars have been up to.

I grew up on Clueless and the fact that this movie was released some 25 years ago has me saying "Ugh, as if!"

This iconic movie starred some pretty great actors including Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd, Dan Hedaya, and Brittany Murphy. When I started digging around, I found out that the movie was based on the Jane Austen novel, Emma, but with a modern-day, Beverly Hills twist.


Grossing $56.1 million in the US alone, it's not really surprising that the film is one of the best teen films of all time. What happened to the cast of the movie Clueless? Where are they now? I'm glad you asked because I've looked them up and listed them below. Here they are in no particular order:

Brittany Murphy

Rob & Jules / CC BY-SA
Rob & Jules / CC BY-SA

Sadly, as I'm sure you may well know, Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia in December 2009, at the tender age of 32. Murphy's breakthrough role was in Clueless where she played Tai Frasier. Cher takes Tai on as a project of sorts. Tai is the "tragically unhip" new girl at school.


Paul Rudd

In Clueless, Paul Rudd plays Josh Lucas, the socially conscious ex-stepbrother of Cher who is home visiting during a break from college. The two tease, flirt, and, spoiler alert, ultimately fall in love.

In real life, Rudd ended up marrying Julie Yaegar, whom he met after working on Clueless, in his publicist's office, where Yaegar worked at the time. He continued his work in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera as a director. He starred recently in the Netflix comedy series Living with Yourself, for which he earned a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy.


Stacey Dash

Stacey played the roll of Dionne Davenport in Clueless. Like Cher, Dionne is also wealthy and beautiful. Her most memorable scene in the movie, in my opinion, was when she's learning to drive and accidentally gets on the freeway. Her boyfriend, Murray is in the front with her and it's pretty epic.


Dash has had a tumultuous life since starring in Clueless. She appeared in several films before focussing her sights on politics. In 2008, Dash voted for Obama, in 2012, she switched her affiliation from Democratic to Republican and endorsed Romney. She lent her name to some controversial topics, such as transgender rights. During a 2016 interview , Dash said "It's tyranny by the minority. Why do I have to suffer because you can't decide what you wanna be that day?" Dash went on to suggest that transgendered people should 'go in the bushes' and that the trans rights movement has started to "infringe upon [her] rights too much."

On February 26, 2018, Dash filed to run in California's 44th congressional district in the 2018 Congressional Election as a Republican. On joining the race, Dash said she wanted to "free people from the shackles of a plantation mentality." She withdrew from the congressional race on March 30, 2018.

Dash was arrested in 2019 for a domestic battery of her then-husband, Jeffrey Marty. She pled not guilty and he dropped the charges. In June 2020, Dash filed for a divorce from him.


Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto played Elton in Clueless. You may remember Elton as being the kind of arrogant guy who was interested in Cher but she wanted to set him up with Tai. He had an iconic moment with Tai where the pair was 'Rollin with the homies'.


After Clueless, Jeremy kept steady television gigs, including roles in "Six Feet Under," "Law & Order" and "Suburgatory." He has a few movies in post-production, but who knows how long until we will get to see those. At some point not too long ago, Sisto and his wife, Addie Lane, purchased a Hollywood Hills home and planned a complete renovation project. It seems they gave up as the home was list as for sale on July 9, 2020.


Justin Walker

Justin played Christian Stovitz in Clueless. Christian is Cher's target boyfriend, she invites him over but he rejects her. Unable to understand why, she gets Murray, Dionne's boyfriend to explain. It turns out that Christian is duh-duh-duh, gay.


Since being in Clueless, Walker has acted, but not in anything I have seen. Walker owned Teddy Teadle's Grill in Rancho Mirage, California, I looked it up but it has now closed. According to Linkedin, he is now Partner & CMO in Draftster, a fantasy sports wagering website. I couldn't find an updated image of him.

Donald Faison

Donald played the role of Murray, a popular boy who's dating Dionne in Clueless. He went on to star in the TV show version of Clueless.


He has gone in to have a lot of acting success, namely on Scrubs, in which he played Dr. Chris Turk. In March 2020, Faison launched a podcast with his real-life best friend and Scrubs co-star, Zach Braff called " Fake Doctors, Real Friends ".


Breckin Meyer

Meyer played the infamous Travis Birkenstock, the stoner, skater, and heir to the Birkenstock sandal fortune who falls for Tai.


Meyer was so well received in the film, he went on to play several stoner roles. He also writes and does voice work for the show Robot Chicken, and was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on the Robot Chicken: Star Wars specials. Meyer is also a musician of notable success, including playing drums in the punk band The Street Walkin' Cheetahs and with Tom Morello's The Nightwatchman, as well as Ben Harper, Cypress Hill, Slash and Perry Farrell at L.A.'s Hotel Café.


Alicia Silverstone

Last, but certainly not least is my favorite leading lady, Alicia Silverstone. Playing the title role of Cher Horowitz who was the perfect valley girl and smart but dippy blonde in Clueless. Since starring in the film, Silverstone went on to star in lots of movies, tv shows, and theatre. She became a vegan in 1998 and has been noted as an advocate for animal rights and her environmental activism. She has published a series of vegan health books and had a role in the Netflix reboot of the Baby-Sitters' Club.


In an interview with Variety, published to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of the world being blessed with Clueless, Silverstone talked about the longevity of Clueless.

"It's incredible that so many people love this film and not only continue to love it but continue to rediscover it. I'm sure I don't look the same but little kids will still come up to me asking Are you Cher? And I mean little little, you know? How cute is it that they've discovered Clueless because their parents are showing it to them? So many moms who were my age when it came out are so excited to show it to their sons and daughters now."


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