13-Year-Old Finds Prosthetic Leg And Returns It To Florida Veteran

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13-Year-Old Finds Prosthetic Leg And Returns It To Florida Veteran

While diving with his father, this young man found a buried treasure but it wasn't what he expected.

When you dive into the deep blue sea, you expect to find some strange and perhaps mysterious things.

What you don't expect to find is a prosthetic leg, which is exactly what 13-year-old Sebastian Morris came across.

Morris went scuba diving with his dad in St. Andrews State Park, three miles east of Panama City, Florida. The pair enjoy treasure hunting and on May 9, something caught his eye as he dove around the Panama City Jetties. "It kind of shined... so my natural reaction is, OK, it might be treasure, so I'll go take a look," Morris told CNN . Morris dove towards the shiny object but was unable to free it from the sand. His father saw him struggling and swam over to help. Together they were able to pull the 'treasure' loose and to their surprise, it was a prosthetic leg.


"My first reaction was "Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!' " So many thoughts were going through my head, like how did he lose it?... What happened and why did he have a lost leg?" Morris said.

As they came back to shore, the pair had one thought in mind. How could they find the legs owner?

Together with his father, Morris started a Facebook page. Calling it " Found prosthetic leg at the Panama City jetties " they put the leg out to the world and hoped for the best.


Meanwhile, Carter Hess was missing something important. The young veteran lost his left leg while serving in Afghanistan in 2012 and now he had lost it again. Back in April the surfer was hit by a large wave and lost his prosthetic leg in the surf. He returned to the beach to look for it with his friends, but it was to no avail. The water was murky and they had no scuba gear making the search near impossible. His titanium leg was specially designed for surfing and was worth about $3000 .


Fast forward to May and Hess got tagged in a Facebook post by his friends who love to joke around with him, making sure he sees every story about found prosthetics.

“I surf a lot and so every time a leg is found, they get a kick out of it,” Hess said to The Panama City News Herald .

"So I get tagged in a post... and I'm like "ha, ha" but then I click on it and looked at the picture ... and realize "that really is yours dude!'"

Hess contacted Morris's father, who was running the Facebook page and they decided to meet up at a newly reopen restaurants to make the exchange.


“I’ve been very upfront that this is an amazing, great young man,” Hess said of Morris. “A lot of guys, especially treasure hunters, would have just put it in a trophy case — but he realized it could be important and someone could need it.”

Hess was very generous by paying for dinner and gave Morris a reward for returning his leg.

Hess followed up with a post on Instagram that said: "I’m so thankful for Sebastian and the huge effort he and his family put in to returning my surf leg to me this week. Such an amazing young man!"


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